Throughout my practice I investigate representations of sickness, wellness, and methods of care necessary to manage chronic illness. In my photographic projects I employ a process rooted in the documentary tradition: making, editing, and sequencing images critically, and experimenting with the photobook as object.

A Lick and a PromiseHomesick, and Worn Out Joy, include photographs of my parents, my partner, myself, our homes, and all manner of private moments that often go unseen. The photographs are glimpses into the lives of my family: a group of diverse individuals of varying socio-cultural and economic backgrounds, including a baby boomer from New Jersey of Eastern European and Jewish heritage, the eldest daughter of Norwegian homesteaders born to help farm one square-mile of land in North Dakota, and a fourth generation Detroiter born in the city and raised in a nearby east-side suburb. Each manages a chronic condition believed to be caused by an abstract mix of genetic and environmental factors.

Plants of the Detroit Public Library Main Branch is an ongoing documentary study of the plants that inhabit Detroit's landmark Public Library, located in Detroit's Cultural Center Historic District, adjacent to Wayne State University campus and across from the Detroit Institute of Arts. I began photographing the plants in 2015 when my partner and I were living in nearby Hamtramck, MI. In January of that year I was diagnosed with a n
eurological condition that caused many months of double vision. The library provided a warm, welcoming, and safe place to walk during that chilling and isolating Michigan winter. I return to Michigan often and continue to photograph the plants of the Main Branch library.
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